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You want customers to buy what you’re selling, but you’re probably also looking to build loyalty and establish a reliable brand. Which means that you’ll need to devote some time, thought and energy to providing customers with the content they crave.

Know your customers. If you can connect with your audience on subjects that engage them, you’re already half way there. So dig deep, discover their interests and concerns, and answer their questions – especially the ones they haven’t asked yet!

Speak their language. Research what your customers are discussing by connecting with them via social media. By utilising their words and phrases, you’ll automatically optimize content because you’ll map directly into your customers’ search engine queries.

Go light on the hard sell. Stop thinking that your blog posts, white papers, news reviews and reports are sales pitches – they’re a valuable conduit between you and your target audience and will play an important part in helping to inspire trust.

Inform, educate and entertain. Really valuable traffic is usually the direct result of meaningful content strategies, so target content that builds relationships, trust and credibility – and keep it fresh.

Write for people, not search engines. With new search engine algorithms constantly emerging, it’s important to recognise that what might have worked in the past, won’t necessarily cut the mustard today. One thing you can always take to the bank? High-quality freshly minted content.

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