What are words worth?

What will it cost?

Creating great content takes time, skill and patience – but also offers amazing value for money and is worth its weight in gold (probably).

CostCopywriting commissions

I’m always happy to quote costs for any type of copywriting project based on a client’s brief and my estimate of the number of hours it’s likely to take. A firm quotation is always honoured and only subject to change if the brief itself changes – increasing the pages in a brochure, for example.

Retained clients

Often, clients prefer to retain my services for a fixed number of hours or days each month, especially if they want to maintain regular contact with their customers through newsletters and blogs, generate promotional collateral or plan long-term marketing campaigns. There’s a considerable cost saving using this option and the added advantage of a closer collaboration which usually generates even better results. In fact, you can tap into my expertise from as little as £100 a month which could give you the resources you need to produce a monthly blog or a quarterly newsletter – just imagine how that could impact your marketing activity over the course of a year.

Number crunching

If you tell me your budget, I’ll give you an idea of what it will buy. As a rule of thumb, web content usually works out at around £60 per page, a press release costs in the region of £180, with 8-page brochures averaging at £320 and blogs starting at £80. A monthly package is more cost effective and gives you the flexibility to align your content marketing strategy with your sales goals. To take advantage of your FREE introductory consultation, call me on 015242 73636 or email me for a confidential discussion.