Trust your own instincts

Run that by me again In theory, I’m attracted to the notion of counter-intuition. The idea that something could be highly unlikely and yet at the same time inarguably factual is ridiculously appealing. I do need to be fully convinced before I get on board, though, that the universe has indeed thrown out a logic-defying […]

Newsletter July 2014

A new email marketing tool   This month’s newsletter looks at TinyLetter – the all-new mini-email marketing powerhouse – and broaches the thorny issue of how much it’s worth paying for quality content. If you’ve missed it, catch up here and sign up for the next one while you’re at it.

Should we be prepared to pay more for great content?

It’s tough out there It seems everyone’s tightened their belts. Gone are the days of trotting blithely round Waitrose, trolleys packed with tempting treats, and of recklessly cranking the central heating up as soon as the temperature dips below 25°. Instead, we’ve all discovered Poundland, and shiny 4x4s are crammed into Aldi car parks the […]

Monkeys and Email Marketing

Pet primates I discovered something new about one of my (deceased) uncles this week and it got me to thinking that however well we think we know a subject, there’s always a fresh angle to explore. I have to confess that I don’t have a particularly close extended family on either side. I’m distantly fond […]

Brush up your call to action

Every email marketing piece needs to have one. It’s the call to action that capitalises on your perfectly constructed content, inspiring interaction and ultimately converting readers into customers – so what are the ground rules? You have reached your destination No matter how entertaining your email content, you’ve got to be leading your readers towards […]

Newsletter May 2014

Getting your foot through the door This month’s newsletter takes a closer look at the power of email subject lines and explores the essence of being British. Catch up on my newsletter if you missed it and sign up for the next one while you’re at it.

I’ll just have these, please.

  If your heart sinks when you absent-mindedly enter a shop, immediately realise your mistake – there’s nothing for you here, it’s full of teddy bears bearing the slogan ‘I wuv you’ and window hangings of rainbows – and yet still feel compelled to browse for a minimum of five minutes, before making your exit […]

This British blogger just wanted to share her experiences…

…You won’t believe what happened next OK, so we all know that in the gridlocked blogosphere, a punchy headline will help to generate more traffic to our website. In fact, most writers of my acquaintance spend almost as much time finessing a title as they do crafting the article itself. Not that there’s anything essentially […]

English as a foreign language

Taking the biscuit A close gal pal of mine lives and works in the Big Apple. I am, of course, insanely jealous. My friend inhabits a chichi apartment block just off Columbus Circle and walks to the office every morning through streets that are instantly recognisable to any aficionado of US film and TV drama; […]

March Newsletter

Newsletter March 2014

This month’s newsletter examines a fresh approach to SEO, shares some tips on creating an effective web content strategy and takes a wry look at office jargon. Catch up here – and sign up for the next one, while you’re at it.